Extended Explanation of the Physical Aspects

In the following we will explain the mathematical framework underlying Causal Fermion Systems. This page is set up in a “build your own adventure” style. Every subpage explains one concept. At the top of the page you’ll find a list of pages which we recommend to have read before the one you are looking at and in the end you find a list with further readings. The explanations in this section are geared more towards a physics audience and therefore mathematical rigor was not top priority. If you prefer a more rigorous approach, you can find here an explanation focusing on the mathematical aspects. 
Below we give an overview of the subpages and how they are connected. However you can aswell just dive right in and start with the first page which gives you the formal definition of a Causal Fermion System. 
If you are interested in open physical questions you find them here. For a collection of Quantum Gravity wish lists and our comments what the theory of Causal Fermion Systems has to say about them, go here. However we recommend reading through the extended explanation first. 
here i would want to have a tree with the different pages and how they are connected.