• Basic definitions
  • Generalizations and special cases
  • Existence theory

Examples and Limiting Cases

  • Minkowski space as a causal fermion system
  • The continuum limit
  • Connection to Quantum Field Theory
  • Connection to General Relativity

Inherent Structures

  • Spin spaces and physical wave functions
  • The fermionic projector
  • Geometric structures
  • Surface layer integrals

Further Structures I

  • Manifolds of operators
  • Operator algebras
  • Causal cone structures
  • Fock space structures

Analytic Structures

  • The Euler-Lagrange equations
  • The linearized field equations
  • The dynamical wave equation
  • Construction of linearized fields and waves

Further Structures II

  • Positive functionals
  • The fermionic signature operator
  • Notions of entropy


Elementary Structures

  • What is a causal fermion system?
  • Causal structure
  • Motivation for the choice of F


  • A mechanism of baryogenesis
  • A mechanism for dark matter and dark energy

Central Ideas of the Theory

  • The causal action principle
  • The continuum limit
  • The logic underlying the derivation of the field equations

Wishlists and Relation to other Theories

  • Comments on Quantum Gravity wishlists
  • Relation to other theories

Main Results and Ontology

  • The Standard Model and General Relativity
  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Why the Dirac sea?
  • What is fundamental?
  • Underlying physical principles