Basic definitions

Generalizations and special cases

Existence theory

Examples and Limiting Cases

Minkowski space as a causal fermion system

The continuum limit

Connection to quantum field theory

Connection to General Relativity

Inherent Structures

Spin spaces and physical wave functions

The fermionic projector

Geometric structures

Surface layer integrals

Further Structures I

Manifolds of operators

Operator algebras

Causal cone structures

Fock space structures

Analytic Structures

The Euler-Lagrange equations

The linearized field equations

The dynamical wave equation

Construction of linear fields and waves

Further Structures II

Positive functionals

The fermionic signature operator

Notions of entropy


Motivation in Examples

Elementary Structures

What is a causal fermion system?

Causal structure

Motivation for the choice of F


A mechanism of baryogenesis

A mechanism for dark matter and dark energy

Central Ideas of the Theory

The causal action principle

The continuum limit

The logic underlying the derivation of the field equations

Wishlists and Relation to Other Theories

Comments on Quantum Gravity wishlists

Relation to other theories

Main Results and Ontology

The Standard Model and General Relativity

Quantum field theory

Why the Dirac sea?

What is fundamental?

Underlying physical principles